What Football Boots Does Philippe Coutinho Wear?

Who is Philippe Coutinho?

Philippe is a Brazilian born professional footballer born in 92 who currently plays for Premier League team Liverpool under the Klopp. His preferred position is attacking midfield on the wing. A young Coutinho practiced and gained his football skills playing Futsal on a  concrete pitch in Rio. Eventually after a friends grandma insisted he join a local football academy he was scouted by Vasco da Gama and signed at just 16 by Internazionale in 2008 for around 4 million euro’s. In 2013 he was signed by Liverpool for around 8.5 million pounds.

So what boots does Coutinho wear?


Countinho’s wears the Nick Mercurial XI boots.


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These synthetic boots are made for attackers and players who play with speed. Other players use the exact same boots include Eden Hazard and the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. You know if these three choose to play in these boots each game then they must be a really good pair.

Should you get the Nike Mercurial XI boots?

These boots come a range of different colours so if you don’t like the purple colour then like Philippe you can maybe get the yellow pair. You don’t have to worry about comfort either because they boots rap round and cushion your feet perfectly. Aside from the looks they are just a great choice based on price, technicalities and you should get them if you want to improve your attacking game and play to your full potential on the pitch by hitting your full speed and hitting accurate shots.

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