What football boots does Luis Suarez wear?

Luis Suarez is a Uruguayan footballer who has a reputation off the pitch for some crazy nail biting antics and on the pitch for scoring some unbelievable goals with Messi. Luis Suarez is a 29 year old lethal striker who has played with clubs like Ajax, Liverpool and Barcelona. He is taller than some people standing at 6 feet tall and is fast agile player.

If you watch Luis play you will see him playing in a bright orange pair of Adidas boots. These boots are great for strikers. They are made out of a light weight synthetic material and that helps him stay in control at high speeds, Gareth Bale also uses these boots which says a lot.



You can actually see two players here with the same boots. We can just about see Suarez’s boots before he speeds off into the box with his piercing studs cutting into the grass.

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