What football boots does Adam Lallana wear?

Brief History On Adam Lallana

Adam is an English part Spanish player born 1988 who currently plays for Liverpool under the Klopp. He is a small player standing at 5 ft 8 tall who plays fast direct attacking football usually on the wing. He was born in St Albans in England and as a Youth played with the club Bournemouth. His big break came when he joined Southamptons youth academy and managed to break into their first team in 2006. During his time there he helped them earn two promotions from League One and then to the Premier League while earning captaincy and international caps. After all this he caught the eye of numerous clubs and was eventually signed by Liverpool reportedly for around £25 million British pounds, he is a great player with a great pair boots.

What Football Boots Does Lallana Wear?


Adam has a really great pair of boots that not a lot of premier league players choose to wear. Other players include Griezmann and Aguero who both have a smaller sized build which already say a lot about these Puma boots.


The Puma Evo boots are designed to be as light weight as possible because of that they are a incredibly snug fit. They feature things like griptex which helps the ball stick to your feet and a polyester material which allows it to be light weight while still retaining a light weight.

Should you get these football boots?

You should buy these boots if you want great control of the ball and the ability to run as fast as possible without any unnecessary weight holding you down then you should get these boots. They come in a different range of colours and like Lallana, you can choose any colour you prefer which of course has no impact on the performance.

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